oktober 02, 2013

Lot on my Plaid PFW

As always, the famous fashion-week photographer Tommy Ton shot some amazing pictures full of inspiration and upcoming trends. Including the plaid trend. It has become a beloved print for coats and even shoes, as well as an accessory! Plaids have become a funky addition to the outfit. I really like the twist, it takes some time getting used to but when I do, there already will be something new. Click for more inspiration.

september 18, 2013

MIA but recovered

I am so very sorry that I have been MIA all summer.. I was completely focused on making this one of the best summers I had. And I am proud to say that I succeeded. I have had a great summer holiday with some of my closest friends. We created amazing memories, we visited awesome festivals and I met a lot of new people. I also worked a lot so I was able to do all these great things. I didn’t go abroad, but luckily the sun shined as well. Some days the temperature would reach 30 degrees Celsius. Which, for my country, is pretty high. As much as would like to say that I got a serious tan, I didn’t. My skin may be a tone or 2 darker, but that was mainly thanks to my selftanning-lotion. 
I am currently starting my fifth year of ‘high-school’, so I am almost finished. I do find it quite difficult but I can manage, I have to. I also have been really focussing on my future study. What am I going to do exactly and where? My mind hasn’t changed, it will always be the big american dream, which I told you about of course. But I sure need to have a back-up plan. Because not all dreams come true.. Unfortunately. So I came with an alternative; studying in Utrecht. I will be closer to my sister, and I would still be able to do my study of choice. And Utrecht is a great city, it reminds me of my home town but bigger! But that is still two years away, which means I am still able to change my mind, although I highly doubt it. Until we’re there, I still have enough time to enjoy my life here in Breda. I see my friends are already developing themselves by going to different cities and going to other schools. Although I love them very much, I am quite jealous of them. I as well want to start over and meet new people, and actually learn something I am truly interested in. I am going to miss them bunches when they leave.. Until they leave, we'll make the best of it! I am sure!
This was a small update of the past couple of months, I will be posting new articles every week! Talk to you later!  

picture from tumblr.

mei 12, 2013

Crop it Like it's hot

I have been crushing on cropped tops lately. Belly-tops are back y’all and they are worn and sold everywhere. I bought my first cropped top 3 years ago from Topshop. A grey loose top which I combined with a pair of high waisted shorts. But nowadays the top is worn the same way they did in the 90’s, showing a stripe of skin or even your entire belly. Which is also the tricky catch behind this trend. Either you wear it in a fashionable way, or it turns out slutty. Which was the word my brother used when describing my outfit last thursday. Cropped can’t go wrong when you pair it with a blazer and some coloured jeans, like I did. But apparently my brother thought otherwise. I think that this is a trend which isn’t really accepted as fast as maybe other trends, it takes some getting used to. And hey, I don’t blame them, everybody is showing their belly at the moment, it is quite a shock if you’re not into the whole “fashion-thing”. I recently bought 3 cropped tops, very simple and really cheap. And when I am of to London tomorrow I am sure that I will be seeing more of them in stores such as Primark and Topshop. Here are some examples. What do you think?

pictures found on tumblr.

april 22, 2013

I suck at planning

Recently I have discovered that I am a very bad planner. I plan things for school, work, the list goes on, but I never actually do them at the time I planned them. Take my PA for instance, I knew about it for such a long time, but I just waited for the last moment to actually do that stuff. Which leads to me ending up with no partner, and no subject for the practical assignment. I didn’t succeed to hand it in before the deadline by the way. This will cost me a whole mark. You would think I would have learned my lesson, but I didn’t. My LV Speedy is still at the maker, which it is already for 4 weeks I think? Maybe even longer. I should really get my bag back. But since I don’t have a single dime, I am not able to pay the man. And just like the coward I am, I feel a bit awkward when I walk into the store.. And even today I experienced the consequence of beginning too late. I plan things, I say I am going to do things, and I end up doing nothing. But something I am really sorry for is that I haven’t posted anything for the last couple of weeks.. I know, I know, shame on me, and I do, I am sorry, I feel ashamed. That’s why I thought why not explain it in my next post? 
Let me tell you something about my englishteacher, she is also a very bad planner. Not only does she not tell us that we have a listening test, she is very bad at returning tests, I recently received a test I made somewhat mid january. It’s not that I can’t sleep because of it, but it is still annoying as hell. This made me think that being bad at planning also affects others, it isn’t really the main reason I should finally take a look into my diary, but a part of it. I know this post doesn’t really have a good point, but I just really wanted to get it out there, because this is my damn blog. Do you ever feel the same shitty feeling when you know you have postponed something to the last moment? I am at this exact moment, because I should be learning right now..

picture found on tumblr