maart 23, 2015

Inspiration: Nature.

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Loads of things inspire me. Yet they all inspire me in different ways. Nature is a big inspiration for me. It really makes me appreciate the outside world and how beautiful everything can be. Not only does nature change 4 times a year, it is also so diverse in textures, colours and forms. Therefore its beauty surprises me everyday. Nature truly mesmerises me. it inspires me combining textures, prints and colours like nothing else does. Nature holds a power within that interests me and therefore I collected photo's of nature that I found very pretty and interesting. I hope you are inspired as much as I am. 

maart 21, 2015

Bags for Individuality

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Bags, we women love them and we often have a decent collection to show for it. Bags are used everyday since we need them everyday. Women tend to have a lot of stuff to carry around, and what better way to do so by using a bag? 

januari 27, 2015

Paris Fashion Week Versace

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A many of you may know, this week is the incredible week of Couture with a big C in Paris. And so far I have been liking what I see. Beautiful collections switched from sexy to girly, from the 70's to modern day. The collections have a something for everyones liking. Some collections really stood out to me and therefore I just couldn't resist sharing some of my favourite shows together with (not enough) photo's so you will experience the same feeling I felt when I witnessed them online, unfortunately... To start off with...

The Atelier Versace Show.
Let us begin and start with a bang. Sexy meets basic at the Atelier Versace show for Spring/Summer 2015. The collection was a mixture of mesh and fabric in the basic colours white, black, bright red and cobalt blue, taking us back to the avantgarde art of Piet Mondriaan during 'the Style'. Every piece had its own beautiful swirls and squiggles that acted as a second skin on the body, found all over each piece. The collection contained few accessories or any other mish mash that might distract or take away the beauty of basic. And of course to emphasise the sexiness of each body of every model strutting it down the runway. If the collection wasn't sexy enough, Donatella decided to make it a fashion show full of first class models, such as Jourdan Dunn, Karlie Kloss, and dutch new it-girl Maartje Verhoef. Making it a show to remember, I am sure that if I was invited to the Atelier show of Donatella, I would've been starstruck all the time. The make-up was a flashback to the sixties, appearing in blue, and black, allowing the models to give a fierce glaze when working the runway. All in all it is a beautifully scissored collection that shows us how basic femininity can be.

mei 09, 2014

Mission complete

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It has been over a week now and I am proud to say I have succeeded in my detoxing challenge. Just to be clear what that was again, I wasn’t allowed to look on online webshops for a week. This because of the fair reason I was simply addicted. And I managed! It was difficult at some points but I never slipped. I think it definitely was a good idea, because it gave me the chance to do other things! I must say that having my boyfriend around was helping me because he kept me of my computer. That way I didn’t even think about it that much. It was definitely something that I would do again, because it was refreshing and it kept my head straight, focusing on more important things. My webshop addiction or as I liked to call it looking-everyday-but-no-money-syndrome is not completely out of the picture, I mean I will still look at things I long for, but it surely became less than it was before. All and all this challenge is officially over and I got an A+. And now just to make me happy, lets see if those webshops have something new..

pictures found on tumblr.