maart 28, 2015

Garage No 8.

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If you are like me and you like art and you also love fashion, then I have a very good tip for you. GARAGE Magazine combines the two perfectly. This magazine is published twice a year, yet the always succeed in publishing the most important news on fashion and art. Every edition includes great photographs and the best models. Fashion-week has just past, but they managed to include the latest trends and pieces fresh from the runway. In their editorials they both include fashion and art pieces, and thus forming a beautiful combination of art and fashion. So if you are looking for some inspiration on either fashion or art, or both, don't hesitate and purchase yourself an edition. 

maart 27, 2015

That 70's trend

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The 70’s are back! The latest fashion week style trend is definitely going back to this happy time! Flared jeans, suede jackets, fringe, all of this can be seen on the streets in Paris, Milan and New York. Get your wallets ready because you will be needing to update your closet! I chose Some photographs taken by Tommy Ton where this trend can be spotted on. 

maart 23, 2015

Inspiration: Nature.

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Loads of things inspire me. Yet they all inspire me in different ways. Nature is a big inspiration for me. It really makes me appreciate the outside world and how beautiful everything can be. Not only does nature change 4 times a year, it is also so diverse in textures, colours and forms. Therefore its beauty surprises me everyday. Nature truly mesmerises me. it inspires me combining textures, prints and colours like nothing else does. Nature holds a power within that interests me and therefore I collected photo's of nature that I found very pretty and interesting. I hope you are inspired as much as I am. 

maart 21, 2015

Bags for Individuality

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Bags, we women love them and we often have a decent collection to show for it. Bags are used everyday since we need them everyday. Women tend to have a lot of stuff to carry around, and what better way to do so by using a bag?