mei 09, 2014

Mission complete

It has been over a week now and I am proud to say I have succeeded in my detoxing challenge. Just to be clear what that was again, I wasn’t allowed to look on online webshops for a week. This because of the fair reason I was simply addicted. And I managed! It was difficult at some points but I never slipped. I think it definitely was a good idea, because it gave me the chance to do other things! I must say that having my boyfriend around was helping me because he kept me of my computer. That way I didn’t even think about it that much. It was definitely something that I would do again, because it was refreshing and it kept my head straight, focusing on more important things. My webshop addiction or as I liked to call it looking-everyday-but-no-money-syndrome is not completely out of the picture, I mean I will still look at things I long for, but it surely became less than it was before. All and all this challenge is officially over and I got an A+. And now just to make me happy, lets see if those webshops have something new..

pictures found on tumblr.

mei 05, 2014


What to do when you don’t have to do anything? I like to visit tumblr and just scroll endlessly watching tons of cool images go by. This is a nice way for me to express my creative sense in some way and find some inspiration. Currently I have been loving some minimalistic photos, black and white kind of photos. And of course what would an inspiration be if it didn’t involve something that I wouldn’t mind to be the owner of? Take a look for yourself and be inspired.
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mei 04, 2014

Stripes are always a good idea.

Summer is coming and I bought myself an entire outfit. In my detoxing post I told you about this dress I bought. So here it is! This beautiful and sophisticated striped dress is from Zara, and I saw it on a couple weeks ago and it never left my mind. So Wednesday I finally bought it. And I am very happy with it.  And today I also bought these cool sunnies. I think they look classy yet edgy. I bought them in a store called Invito. My boyfriend also bought himself a pair, that way we would get 50% of of one item. Which is always a nice surprise. His sunglasses are also very cool, so I am definitely going to steal them some time hihi. And then these really cool slip-ons from H&M. It is quite a story actually. They were a present from my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. He knew I wanted them for some weeks already. So he bought them for me just as a really nice surprise. But.. my shoe size normally is 39 (uk size 6), so obvious he bought them in that size. And when he gave them to me I couldn’t wait to wear them so I put them on and we went to the supermarket. Only when we came back my shoes gave me blisters on my feet and they really hurt.. so I ordered them online in a size 40 with the plan in the back of my head that I will bring the others back to the store. When the slip-ons finally arrived they were a tad to big unfortunately… So I went to the cobbler and he gave me insoles for the shoes and he also gave me some anti-slip stickers, which you stick on the inside of the shoe. You can see it on the picture! After that I went to H&M to bring the old ones back only to find out that there was a giant blue spot on one of the shoes! I was breaking out in sweat and already started to explain that I had no clue that that spot was even there… Fortunately they weren’t making any fuss out of it. So after all the drama and the uncertainty I can finally enjoy these great pair of slip-ons. Told you it was quite a story! Thank you again my love for the cute shoes! So tell me what you think of these great and lovely items. 
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mei 01, 2014


So today I was cleaning my room, but I noticed it I wasn’t really getting anywhere.. Because I looked on youtube constantly, watching outfit posts of the people I am subscribed to. I do this to get some inspiration for my own outfits, and they often tell me where to buy the things they are wearing. But this was the problem. Because of all this incredibly convenient information I surfed loads and loads of webshops.. such as H&M, Forever21, Zara, Asos, you name it. As much as I hate to admit it, I have already seen their collection on those webshops yesterday and the day before that and if it is not on my laptop I open their apps on my iPhone.. Yes I admit I think I have a slight problem, I call it ‘looking-everyday-but-no-money-syndrome’. I did buy a dress yesterday which I also watched a thousand times on the Zara webshop. Plus I got some shoes from H&M as a present from my boyfriend. Who called today, asking me what I was doing. I told him I was giving cleaning-up a second, third or fourth try, but there wasn’t any progression, because of my lack of concentration. Right there he dared me to not look on webshops for a week. He said it needed to stop. ‘you can’t buy anything, so why would you visit those sites?’ and he is right. I am tormenting myself seeing all those great things but knowing that I can’t buy them. So I agreed to his dare. I am not going to visit webshops for a week, I need to detox. So starting now, here it goes, no more webshops for me! When the challenge is over I will tell you how it went. Please expect the worse, that way you won’t be disappointed in me when I fail.. wish me luck!

pictures found on tumblr.